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I betting you haven't come here to hear me bang on about how great martyndaviescreative is, of how passionate I am, how deeply committed... etc etc. You will have read it all before. You haven't got time for platitudes. You just need to find an experienced graphic designer that understands your product or service, who can turn your work around quickly and cleanly with the minimum of fuss and can really add something to your marketing mix.

Did I win the bet?

That's enough of being nice
One look at some of the examples on this site, will tell you if I am a capable graphics man and a good fit for your company. A quick phone call will persuade you that I have the experience and the knowledge to take your design work to the next level.

If you'd like to talk about your design needs contact me or ring me on 01934 843534 or 07885 421601. I'd be delighted to find out more about you.

Advertising design
Brand and corporate identity
Graphic Design
Events and exhibitions
Web and digital media

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