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  Sunday 03 June 2007 - 16:18:00 | Admin

Client: Moving Experience
Description: Logo and stationery set

"We aren't the usual grey-suited mortgage brokers", Matt Colley - principle director of Moving Experience told me. "We like to think that we are different. We help people move up the property ladder, we're young and dynamic thinkers and we'd like an identity that reflects that approach."

"Martyn provided us with a range of designs but we were drawn to the rocket. Was it because the accompanying rationale practically dared us? Probably! Seriously, I was impressed with all the designs. The rocket I think will make us stand out from the crowd, it is striking and memorable. I hope that when people are searching around different web sites, or looking through a pile of business cards it will jump up and grab them."

So do we Matt.

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